Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Who Needs to Judge?

For about the first three seasons I watched American Idol. But as time went by I began to be very disappointed in the show. As soon as the third season ended, I decided that I would never watch the show again. Why? I believe America has a corrupt view of what a singer really is. Hence, Jennifer, Paris, and some others.

I take a look at different competition shows like ?The Next Nashville Star, America?s Next Top Model, So You Think You can Dance?? and when they hold auditions for those shows, they aren?t letting just anyone through in order to get ratings for the show. They are basing their decisions on true talent. American Idol has taken the cake on allowing non-talented competitors into the competition and giving them the opportunity to audition in front of Paula, Randy, and Simon. One thing that a lot of people don?t know is that there is a series of auditions you go through before getting to the three and all of those people that you see auditioning in front of them have gotten through those rounds. There are so many talented people out there that don?t make it through so no one really knows that there are some out there with true talent.

I can remember the one year I tried out. Now I am not the one to brag about my singing talent but I am very confident in what I do. I tried out in D.C at the convention center, which I believe that there are a lot of talented people in the D.C. area. All I have to say is that there were a lot of talented, pissed off people leaving and expressing their concern when they were sent home because, ?We raised the bar this year and you don?t qualify?, was the only explanation they received.

Another issue I have with American Idol is the fact that they allow America to vote on who stays and who goes home. Problem, problem, problem. Are you serious? Obviously over half of the Americans out there can?t sing. So why would you allow them to vote on something that they know nothing about. I mean, come on. That?s just like a restaurant owner trying to tell a cardiologist how to do his job. If you know nothing about the profession, then don?t attempt to tell someone they aren?t capable of handling the job they have been trained to do. OK, yeah I will let up a little with the singing because you know if someone sounds like a squealing cat or not. It?s just that my main concern is allowing someone that sounds like a squealing cat get by.

In all, I really don?t watch the show anymore, unless I have nothing else better to do. And usually, I have something else better to do. And in essence, if you enjoy the show, think real hard on your reasons why. I?m pretty sure they aren?t because of all the great talent you experience every time it airs.

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Andrew The Asshole said...

It not about who can sing the best its about who can make us the most money. Like in politics America votes with their money.

Fuck talent, take a marketing class!!!