Tuesday, April 3, 2007

What Talent?

What Talent?

Yeah. I know it's been a while since I've written. I've got to get on the ball. As I was thinking about what I would write about this time around, my mind began to wonder to the infamous topic of, where has rap music gone? In my opinion, back in the day rap music was full of lyrics that meant something and had an actual message. I tried to sit back and listen to the radio one day to see if I could find out if the rap from these days included a message. But as I was listening I couldn't help but laugh at the lyrics. They didn't make any sense. I heard lyrics like,

"This is why I'm hot

this is why I'm hot

this is why, this is why

This is why I'm hot.

I'm hot cause I'm fly

You ain't cause you not.

This is why, this is why,

This is why I'm hot."

OK. But I am so sorry, but that is just ridiculous. I have never in my life. Your only argument in telling someone that they are not hot is just because they aren't. That's just bull. And what's that other song talking about a two step. We don't need a song to tell us how to do the two step, how to lean back, or whatever else we naturally do. People are just making money off of silly lyrics and cool beats. I think we should take away some of he cool beats and see what some of these people have to offer. I say that if you can't freestyle without music and can't make about an interesting topic, then you have a problem. I'm not trying to call anybody out, but if you decide to take it personally, then that is your fault. All I am saying is that if you feel that you are in the category of people that need to work on their skills, don't argue about it. Just go out and rehearse as much as you need to in order to perfect your talent. I know that singers go through a lot of that. That's why, being a singer, I make sure that if someone asked me to write a song, sing acapella or whatever, I can do it. Without a problem.

And to all of the artists out there, keep on pushing. Someone is bound to recognize the raw talent out there. There really are very few of us out there.

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